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In the event of a blackout, a reliable black start system is essential. Power must be supplied to the gas turbine’s starting systems and controls. For a fast start-up without using auxiliary power, count on YANGKE Onsite Energy black start diesel generator sets (BSDG).

No matter what brand, size or configuration of gas turbine you operate (single GT, combined cycle or with cogeneration), we offer a complete, turnkey solution that will fit your needs fast. YANGKE Onsite Energy provides customized BSDG solutions based on a modular, long-lasting, approved and cost-efficient design. We combine decades of expertise in gas turbines and diesel power generation systems to produce systems that meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

We also make integrating the BSDG with your gas turbine quick and easy. YANGKE Onsite Energy provides full project engineering support in every project phase, including conceptual design, detailed engineering, hardware delivery and commissioning.

YANGKE Onsite Energy support extends throughout the entire lifecycle of your BSDG. To ensure maximum performance, YANGKE ValueCare parts and service is available worldwide through our YANGKE Onsite Energy service network.

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